Haiku You! Art and Literature wordplay game


Haiku You! Art and Literature is the same haiku wordplay game but with our new deck of 100 Art and Literature game cards. It’s still a race for players to complete the haiku in under one minute and score points for speed, accuracy, and creativity.

Deceptively small – like a haiku itself – the actual table top game Haiku You!  is made up of a few syllables on little cards with a brief score sheet, a tiny timer and a teeny pencil in a small tin box. But the big game is found in the limitless imagination and startling creativity of the players – often in the ones who are sure they have neither.  Simple, easy and constantly surprising, Haiku You! reveals the bold, competitive, soulful and occasionally quirky qualities of your friends and families – and possibly of you.

Get your right AND left brain in the game!

Haiku is a simple poem composed of three lines and seventeen syllables:

Line one contains 5 syllables. Line two contains 7 syllables. Line three contains 5 syllables.


Correctly construct a haiku in under one minute based on the first line which is provided on a “Haiku You!” game card. Each player competes for points based on speed, accuracy, creativity and use of the secret words, called “noble” words printed at the bottom of the “Haiku You!” game card. The game ends when a player is the first to score 500 pts. or when all players have had a chance to be“Haiku Master”.


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