About the Play Haiku You! Group

Scientists – some of them at least – believe twins share a secret language.  While celebrating their shared birthday, twin sisters Sue and Sandy began communicating in haiku.  Competing for speed and accuracy, they discovered that between the first five syllables and the 17th, hidden qualities can be revealed – wit, brilliance, beauty and creative genius.  The idea for Haiku You! was born.

Quicker than a Haiku You! minute, Sue (who also speaks English) told another Sue and then a Christine about the game.  The four friends played the game with family and co-workers, kids and adults, at parties and on road trips. Five years of late nights, research, kale chips, prototype testing, red and white wine, design discussions, pizza and – a business rule – playing at least one round every time they met – led them to bring Haiku You! to you.

You don’t need to know a secret language to play Haiku You! but you will become fluent in fun.

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